Kingdom Impact

Making social and spiritual impact measurement accessible and robust

We have a vision to empower all Kingdom organisations to be able to track their Kingdom impact, learn what is working, share best practices and ultimately advance the Kingdom of God.

Our tools enable organisations to measure and increase their internal health, as well as external social and spiritual impact.

We want to help you be both faithful, and fruitful.

Who we serve


Track your own personal and spiritual well-being

Receive a diagnostic of your expected impact within your organisation

Measure high-level indicators of social, spiritual and environmental impact externally


Measure the social and spiritual impact of your programmes

Learn and improve your activities

Empower local participants

Demonstrate impact to funders

Faith-driven businesses

Capture culture and employee well-being from a faith perspective (People)

Assess every area of the business’ operations and degree to which it is ‘redemptive’ (Processes)

Evaluate the external impact of your business(es) (Apollos Dashboard)

Receive practical recommendations and coaching to improve organisational health and grow your impact!


“Using the KIF helped us see places of cultural alignment across our team and also pointed out opportunities for improvement. It was a straightforward process that put little burden on staff, and enabled us to have great conversations to improve holistic well-being. Any Kingdom business serious about impact needs to start measuring social and spiritual outcomes! The KIF-B is a great way to achieve this.”

Aimee Minnich
Chief Impact Officer at Impact Foundation

“KIF was able to quickly provide an assessment of our organization and provide value-add reporting to give feedback that we sought to uncover. This in turn has caused our company to be more intentional about our faith in our organization and how we do business. We believe that KIF will be THE market leader in supporting companies like ours to learn, grow, and develop better organizational culture.”

Dave Payne
Chief Revenue Officer at Kentegra

Who We Are

James Waters is the founder and director of Kingdom Impact Ltd - a set of tools designed to help Kingdom organisations measure and improve their organisational health, and increase their social and spiritual impact in the world. Having partnered with Eido Research to develop world-class assessment tools, he is now building a platform that will make these accessible at scale.

Previously he worked as an international development consultant and completed a PhD on the resilience of slum-dwellers in Uganda. It was there that God gave him a heart for mission as well as to help organisations be healthy and impactful. He is passionate about serving the ecosystem to document impact, share lessons and advance the Kingdom of God. 

Kingdom Impact Ltd
Fuel Studios
Norwich, Norfolk


KIF leaders assessment

Receive a diagnostic of your personal emotional and spiritual well-being against research-based criteria, as well as an assessment of expected Kingdom impact through your organisation.

We often meet leaders who want to have Kingdom impact but don’t know where to start. That is why we have developed the automated Kingdom Impact Assessment for Leaders. It captures the leaders’ own well-being and provides an assessment of expected Kingdom impact in and through their organisation. 

You will receive an assessment of your emotional and spiritual well-being, your likely impact internally on the team, as well as high-level indicators of your social and spiritual impact externally. This tool won’t verify your impact on the ground, but will get you thinking about the impact you might be having.

KIF for charities

Utilise our statistically validated survey of social and spiritual well-being to measure the impact of your programme or activities amongst those you work with.

There are standardised ways to measure and track social impact, but currently no robust tools to measure spiritual impact in communities and in the lives of programme participants. Furthermore, while academics and large organisations may have capacity to work on these issues, tracking spiritual impact for most Christian development and mission organisations is hard or feels impossible. 

To solve this problem, we have partnered with some of the world’s leading Christian development organisations to develop an expert-reviewed, statistically validated survey of social and spiritual well-being. The solution is a set of validated spiritual impact categories that you can use in your organisation without starting from scratch. 

We have piloted it in three continents, gathered thousands of data points and have partners who can help make administering it in the field possible even for smaller organisations, and empowering for the participants.

KIF for business

Track Kingdom impact through the culture and well-being of individuals in your organisation. Discover your strengths, weaknesses and ways to increase impact in people’s lives.

With many growing movements of faith-driven business yet few tools to equip those organisations to reflect the Kingdom, we developed an assessment to do just that. Building on well-respected frameworks and best practices for organisational health, this assessment measures leader and team perception of culture, as well as individuals’ well-being. 

Critically, it has a Kingdom perspective to allow you to determine if your people are experiencing these values on a daily basis, and if they are being positively impacted by working there.